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Welcome to our historical residence!

About Us

OD40 Art Centrum is a 19th century residence located in a canal house in the heart and historical center of Delft.
Since 2007 OD40 Art Centrum is included in the list of historical monuments of Delft.

Close by OD40 Art Centrum are restaurants, museums, galleries, shops, theaters, cinemas and car parking facilities.
Delft´s Central Station is located at 2 blocks from Delft’s Central Station, where you can find train, tram and bus connections.

About OD40 Art Centrum

OD40 offers an exclusive B&B Guest Room for overnight stay of one or two persons, with private bathroom, inside garden view and access to a deck to relax, read or work.

Great for tourists or business, in the heart of the city.

Additionally the objects presented in the spaces are all for sale. For more information visit Shop Section.

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